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Instant Death In Cities
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So I understand that lag in the cities is going to be a problem especially with the in depth game play and the processing of the graphics and zombies however I was at the water pump located in electro down off of the 3 way when my friend noticed a hostile in the vicinity I step up to take a look and my game does a momentary pause when about 10 seconds later I’m downed by a shot gun (while frozen so I’m killed by the zombies swarming the area) Any way no big deal I head back and one of the hostile players is frozen in a wall unable to be killed but for some reason loot-able. So we proceed to loot him and take some more fire so I dash into a building and once again my game freezes for 10 or so seconds and I’m downed and killed by a zombie so I hike back get my stuff (pretty much all ruined so I’m carrying scraps including an LAR hard to come by cause y’all still haven’t fixed the duplicating glitch) when I hear some more fire and see some zombies run by. I’m checking my inventory when I proceed to back out and once again for the 3rd time my game freezes for a few seconds I’m instantly dead and only then does some one walk in front of the door clearly out of any line of sight previously (I have a recording) so what more can I do then to give up on a survival game that freezes every time u commit to any form of PVP OR PVE this is ridiculous I understand that in a big game lag is an issue but plsssss take some notes from ark their graphics are far better and their are far more entities such as dinosaurs and even higher player caps, yet they do not REMOTLEY LAG AS MUCH AD YOUR “FULL RELEASE” If u ask my run unreal engine other than that plssss find a fix I love the game and the concept by I REFUSE to put time and effort into a game with no real reward.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

Go into electro in a mid to low pop server and try your game out on even moderate to amazing WiFi. See what happens when you attempt to engage in any kind of pvp not even worrying about the threat of zombies.

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