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CANNOT CONNECT TO ANY SERVER!!! (can't play the game)
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Hello this is regarding Server 1.02.151522 PS4

Late last night I was logging out and right at 1 second some lucky dude shoots me in the face with a shotgun the screen says you are dead then not a second later game logs out takes me to main menu screen and my character is still there with all my gear and gun. I say screw it I'm just going to bed. Well here I am trying to log in today and when I try to log in,  I get to the server selection screen click a server the screen goes black I can still see server names, then I'm kicked to main menu with a           "WARNING  You were kicked off the game(Database connection timeout) "      this happens no matter the server and I've both reset my PS4 and opened up different applications then reopen Day Z MANY MANY TIMES NOW. So now here I am I cannot play a game I payed full price for when it first came out. Please contact me asap
   Thanks Jett


Operating System
Windows 7
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I can't even log my character in to ANY server.

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