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Feedback for DayZ on PS4
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Hello, I would first like to start off by saying I really like this game. Me and my friends have been playing it since it came out on the PS4. There are a few issues that I’ve encountered while playing this game. I’ll start off with the one that is actually a bug and then the rest will be some suggestions.

  1. After killing a player, when checking their inventory, not every item is removable. I don’t know why but I will be in the vicinity and it won’t let me take everything if the certain piece is ruined. Only some of the items.
  2. When in a shoot out against another player, there is tremendous lag. Sometimes it helps to switch from full auto to semi auto.
  3. It will be helpful to see a name above my friends, instead of only relying on the armband as the armband is not viewable from every angle.
  4. Server hopping and spawning in the same exact location should be a big NO. This allows for players to cheat during pvp and possibly spawn behind you. I’m not saying server hopping shouldn’t be allowed. Just instead, when people server hop spawn them in a random location away from where they currently are and possibly be separated from their group.
  5. The car. I’ve lost two cars due to lag, and the when everything finally stopped lagging, we were crashed into trees. Everything in the car got damaged. So we left the car on the side of the road. After hours of searching for parts, filling up gas and water is it really worth getting parts to fix the car up again? No.
  6. What is the point of me building a base, if someone can go to another server and walk into whatever structure I have built, jump back into my server and spawn inside my base and steal everything.
  7. Maybe allow for a sleeping bag to be placed at base. Let players spawn there after 15-20 minutes of death (or however long y’all think is suitable) so they can’t just get looted up and go kill the person that killed them. But it’s better than having to run all the way up North again.
  8. Fix game chat. Like let people type in a chat log box. A chat log box will definitely be helpful in the server.
  9. I know character customization might be me asking for too much, but the option to pick between male or female would be preferred. I’m a girl and I want to always have a girl character, even if it’s a random one. Just the option to be a girl always even after dying is a small detail to make some players happy. What’s the point of having so many characters but not letting us choose between male and female.


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Concordo su tutto soprattutto risolvete il ritardo della macchina perché e davvero ingiocabile anche perché penso sia una delle cose più fondamentali dello spostamento dato che la mappa e abonorme e per arrivare da una parte a l altra co vogliono bensì 3 ore e senza macchina e tutto più complicato

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Hi, id just like to highlight a bug I've came across a few times now. When standing on a matress (like in a mil base) when you drop an item you can't retrieve it. Being on console the square button is usually used as reload and is very frustrating considering what you'll have gathered as a player to be in those locations. Thanks