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DayZ Problems
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Cars are really bad to drive it gets real laggy and make driving a car a nightmare have crashed to cars since I began playing. Also scopes take a while to render in everything and it has cause me to die a couple of times because of it. Next sometimes names do pop up when you look at people this caused me to lose some of my best gear cause I was playing with a friend and I thought he was right next to me but he was not. Please fix these issues I’m having a really good time playing this game me and my friends but all the minor errors make it difficult for us to ave a really good time


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Windows 7

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I think a way they can fix the name thing is to add a grouping feature where you interact with them and invite them to a group, forthwith being now you can see them as a green (or whatever) square above their head, as to not make it overpowered you can't see it through walls or on the map, only when you have direct line of sight.