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Are there any Dev`s looking out for the Console Community? when i go to PC report i see many Dev answering on Posts but non on PS4 i feel like we dont evne matter.

We payed good Money for that Game but we feel like yall dont give a Fuck about us!


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Poast a Ticket on DayZ Standalone PS4
Wait for a Dev to response
Wait some more
Just wait
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Usually I'd disagree when I see a post like this but.. they didn't want to show the community any roadmap plans, updates in future, what their focusing on mostly and to me it just sounds like they are running away with the $$$ we all spent on the game. So yes as a fellow DayZ player I'd like some answers from the developers who took "6 years" to bring their game out to console reminds me of Anthem failing hard at their project.

jvinh1 added a subscriber: jvinh1.Jun 13 2019, 8:14 AM

As of right now, I think the developers are setting the Arma 3 Contact expansion as their highest priority. Since that expansion will be released in July 25th, they are spending more time on Arma 3 than DayZ; the developers have been publishing partials contents to the DLC dev branch thus far. Once they are done with converting the beta-content to the final product, they will most likely get their attention towards DayZ.