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Disappearing Servers
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After taking a couple days to get use to the game i selected a server i would begin to build a base on and stockpile materials, however upon logging in today it appears that the server no longer exists. i cannot find it in the server browser and neither can my friend, we had a barrel full of crafting materials and tools like a shovel, pickaxe and an axe aswell as a large tent full of spare magazines and a couple spare guns. we were also half way done building a watchtower.

Server Name
US SL 2770
I noticed it was gone around 3-4am on the 10th of June 2019 after i had switched servers to collect a few wooden planks (i switched servers because i didnt want to cut down the trees near my base and give it away)


Operating System
Windows 7
Additional Information

This issue has caused me and my friends 48H+ of work to simply disappear.

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To clarify, By disappear i mean the server no longer shows up not that our stuff disappeared

One final point of contention i forgot about, Yes this was a Persistence ON server, not a temporary server

Seems to have came back online today. From the loss my several buried containers over a km apart on SL 2770 as well I would venture to guess it was wiped too.

No official word from DayZ team on this thread yet but can OP confirm the wipe? Or did I get ransacked very unluckily right after the server came back up.

I can confirm this is an issue for me as well, I would like to start building a base on some servers but for some reason one they restart a server it's no longer on my favourite list and essentially dissapears for good.

Very weird indeed and frustrating