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Inventory glitches a lot.
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First of all inventories dont scroll, instead when there is more than "one page" of items it jumps from up to down on one click and from down to up on second and keeps doing that on every click instead of following the highlighted item. In higher capacity storages there is also a space in between the top and bottom which you cant see at all when you have a lot of stuff in them.

2nd Tents, barrels and cars also sometimes go to an inaccessible mode, where you can see the contents but you cant take anything out.
We've tried taking stuff out in those cases by multiple people, tried to delete save data from ps4 storage, tried going out of render distance, logging all out and adding items to it to force "refresh" but nothing helps and the items are stuck there.

We have no idea what causes this as it seems to be fully random. Nothing to do with the server restarts either.

3rd one is when you drop items they are not visible to others until they relog. This happens quite often. Also it happens they wont see what weapon/item I have on hand and cant see the light from flare or flashlight either.

I'll send some game breaking glitches in private.


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Windows 7
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All the info in the 1st box.

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