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Duplication glitch ruining the game
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This glitch allows players to duplicate infinite amounts of anything in the game. It ruins the game because it makes it significantly harder to find good weapons because the server has too many weapons on it


Operating System
Windows 7
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Steps To Reproduce

All u have to do is be in a server u want to duplicate items in. Next you load up a backpack or sea chest pretty much anything that u can hold and have items in then you fill it up with any loot u want. Next you leave the server and join back into the server u want to duplicate in and drop the backpack or sea chest and quickly join another persons session of DayZ and u should spawn in their server with the items and then u can go back to your main server and boom u multiplied whatever you want.

Additional Information

This glitch ruins the game because players can’t loot normally because any weapon that is good has already been spawned over the designated amount. Walking around pretty much can’t server you can find little villages of tents where people store all the gear they duplicate

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Pxsify created this task.Jun 9 2019, 4:21 AM
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Please fix this