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Inventory, FPS and Rendering.
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There is a bug with the inventory system where sometimes other players aren’t able to see when I drop them items or I can’t see when they drop items. On top of this, sometimes I am unable to pick up items from the floor or from tents/other storage areas. Another urgent bug is with the lighting and rendering times. Running through areas with a lot of buildings or trees can cause a serious fps dip making the game freeze completely for a few seconds. It even at times effects aiming down scopes on weapons, blocking the scope completing for a few seconds and in combat this can be fatal. During the day it is also noticeable that lighting is poor. When looking straight ahead things seem to be dark but when looking down to the ground things get bright. I’m not sure if this is intended but it’s not an enjoyable experience. There are a plethora of other bugs but they aren’t as urgent as these. I hope you guys read this and investigate asap.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce the tent and inventory glitch, you need a full tent and immediately from the get go you’ll notice scrolling issues and some items are unable to be picked up. To reproduce the lighting issue just look up and down. To reproduce the rendering issue, go to a town or city with a lot of buildings and spin in a circle quickly or use a scope on a weapon/binoculars.

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