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Guns and characters disappearing.
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On multiple occasions I have picked up a better back pack and was putting things from my old backpack into my inventory then my gun in my equip slot suddenly disappears. It’s not in my inventory and it’s not on the ground. Very very annoying when you loose a fully kitted Weapon.
Twice now I have had my character complete reset when I log onto a server that just reset. I get kicked out because it resets and when I get into the server I’m at spawn with nothing and my buddies at the base can’t even see my body. Nothing can be picked up. These have both happened to me multiple times and it’s really frustrating.


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Windows 7
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The game is just all around pretty buggy. Not being able to pick up stuff other players dropped. Killing a player then not being able to pick up there loot even if your inventory is empty.

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