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Bug List (14 Bugs & 2 Personal Opinions)
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  1. Items can't be taken out of tents (mostly guns with Chambered rounds)
  2. You might be able to take these items right after a Server reset again (doesn't work every time and is a long wait).
  1. Ladder/Stair/Fence Glitch/Lag, when jumping over a fence getting stuck on it or set back, stairs port you back/up or falling when going down, when climbing a ladder (most of the time when fast climbing) you're starting to lag.
  1. Stability Issues (frame drops and lags) / Render Distance problem (especially when using a Scope with more then x4 magnification)
  2. might be the PS4 memory which would be understandable
  1. Can't pick up item from the ground or dead players.

(make sure your inventory isn't full)
(Sometimes helps when going first person or dropping/splitting the items on the floor by holding square to drop or hit triangle to split)

  1. Can't see other Players flares/flashlight.

(relog to the server helps)

  1. Can't see the items other players drop

(relog fixes it, don't know how to repuduce)

  1. Zombies don't run to players shot location

(even if they're less then 10-20 Meters away from them.

  1. ATOG Scope on the M4 just shows a Iron Sight.

(when lucky it gets fixed by taking it of and on repeatedly)

  1. PERSONAL OPINION : Clothes get ruined a bit too fast maybe 20-30% slower.
  1. Desync between players in big citys.
  1. Face/Hair is clipping through Masks and Hats.
  1. Players shouldn't be able to Disconnect in a ongoing gunfight (hard to fix)
  1. (for me it's not really a problem) Players need to drink to much, food is fine.
  1. Guns Jam (when below damaged) and currently there is not way to unjam it/unchamber the round.

(as far as I know)

  1. PERSONAL WISH/OPINION : More customizable controls, especially ADS Sensitivity.
  1. When falling while having your inventory open you can get stuck in the inventory screen.

(pressing start usually helps)

Otherwise, we're having alot of fun with DayZ, thanks to you Bohemia for porting it to Ps4, already sunk a good 60+ hours in and still enjoying it, yes it's still a really buggy game and that even cost me my fully geared character a few times but I knew what I was getting into so I can live with it, but I expect that you try your best to fix it for us players!

Thank You!


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Self explaining I think, for further info leave a comment.

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you missed out on Server Hopping