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Server Hopping in to Base
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Base Building is nonsense for right now. ppl just hopp to a other Server go to the middel of your Base n hopp back on your Server and they are inside your Base. So Walls n all that is bs at the moment. As long as you can just Spawn inside any Base there is no need for Base. Its verry sad n it kills the Game for sure.

i dont know how to fix that, but you need to fix it. Somehow that when you try to hopp inside a Base, that the Game pushes you otside the Base, due to invalide spwan location or something like that

or just got the abillity to form a Clan/Gang so you can lock acces to Tent/Barrel only for Clan Members or so.

I think best solution to stop all this: New server new Toon!!

it will make the game more challenging anyway. ppl just run to any military place. hopp for a houre n they good.
but if you have a new toon on every server, this is over and they actually have to roam around n play the game!!!


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Dober created this task.Jun 5 2019, 9:23 AM
Dober triaged this task as Immediate priority.

I agree! The fact that you can just server hop into a base makes hours of work pointless in the game. If you hop to another server, you SHOULD start at a random spawn point, not at the same location from where you spawned on the other server.

I agree to we are in the middle of building our 1st base have had this in the back of our minds

Nickytee96 added a subscriber: Nickytee96.EditedJun 6 2019, 2:27 AM

i was thinking the same thing, if you spawn into a new server, yeh you shouldn't lose your character but at least have a random spawn point, would prevent base ghosting and server hopping, and might lower combat logging also

Kross added a subscriber: Kross.Jun 6 2019, 5:59 PM

Recommendation : If you're not Server hopping, play on a Persistence OFF Server.

Dober added a comment.Jun 7 2019, 8:47 AM

Best Solution is like its is in Conan. Every Server a new Toon. Last night we where digging up all the stuff in the Base bc we got smal raided allready 2 times, not much but all the good things, and someone hopped in the middle of the Base. Good for us we where therer, bad for him. At least he had some good stuff on his dead Body.

So my Tipp for all of you: dont leave stuff in the Tent, digg it up!!!!

Dober updated the task description. (Show Details)Jun 7 2019, 8:51 AM