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This meatball glitch that’s been pretty popular before launch of 1.0 Should have been a top priority in a patch. It’s fucking rediculous how y’all have done nothing about this at all, no player should have to get bullshitted by this at any means especially when it’s been around before the games full release. Fuck duping, server hoping, etc. This needs to stop. I’m done wasting hours of my day to get geared up and get into a fight to then see a floating ball whit no hit box and then die from it...


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Fix the fucking meatball glitch bullshit, no one should have to waste time getting geared to die to this...

The dayz dev team is a lazy, greedy bunch of dudes. They just sell the idea of what the game once could be. Raise hopes and add little tle simple stuff free m time to time. They earned a lot of money since consoles and with new players on pc. I bet they didnt hire any additional programmers. If you see what modders are able too on pc it makes me think the game is a huge rippoff.

Acog sight needs seconds to render down sight since the beginning of the game. They add the hunting scope, again excentric like the mosin was, at least the mosin scope got fixed. How can they do that wrong again? They will add a new car in 1.03 again, instead if prioritising on fixing the lag spikes on every subtle weather or lighting change, what makes you crash. The duping and serverhopping kills the game so you rind no players away from the coastal area in high pop servers. Night time, server empty, dayzime, server full. I like to play the game like its meant to be. No chance if i dont want to play it like a kid.