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Solution to Duping And server hopping
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Dear Devs

After doing some research on how The duplication glitch (duping) is achieved and the ever so annoying server hopping from server to server for gear Is done. The easiest way to stop Both would be to server lock characters.

What this means is:
I log into server 1234 and start as a fresh spawn, i search for gear In the first couple towns and finally make it to a military base. After searching i find only a little gear so why leave right? Its much easier to just log onto Another server Say 5678 for example. But, with a character lock I just spawned at the beach with a brand new fresh spawn Cold and hungry.

This will solve the following:

1-Eliminate the duplication glitch

2-Duping taking items out of rotation ie. M4/AK/LAR.

3-Server hopping into a fortified base. (Do the work to raid)

4-Make roaming one server more enjoyable and worth the time Traveling Because there will actually be a chance to find decent equipment.

5-Eliminate combat logging/ghosting

Given after implementation a complete server wipe of characters, structors, stashes, etc shall need to be done to take care of any duplicated items already on the servers.

Many people will argue that if they wanted to play with their friends it would be a hassle to restart on another server. But, the benefits outway the risk in this matter id rather restart to be with my friends than deal with duping, ghosting, hopping and cheating


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Honestly I think it’s a bad idea, I see where you’re coming from but community servers are the only solution. Like on PC. like there’s so many official servers that 99% are unplayable because of the stupid playerbase. Most new people will forget what server they play on and think oh so no save? This game is shit! And then they loose more players due to bad reviews. I get your frustration, but you gotta expect that on official servers

Its their problem if they forget what server they were in. Use a notebook or make a screenshot

I agree this would save a lot of hassle. A lot of people have mentioned this over and over again, the devs are constantly struggling to stop dipping yet breaking the game and so many ways with each and every update. Very disappointed. If people don't remember their server name then they won't do it twice I bet.