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Sticking in doors
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Ok I’ve been trying to give this game the benefit of the doubt considering how much I like the concept. Among the MANY bugs that make this game barely playable, the one that’s plagued me the most is getting stuck in doors.

Since they buffed the zombies to Olympic sprinter speeds, one of the main tactics to defend against this (since melee combat is absolutely atrocious) is to run into a building and closing the door behind you.

10+ times I’ve died because the door seems to grab an unbreakable hold on my character despite the fact that I am far past the door model. This is ridiculous. Also, increase the hit box on doors to interact with them. I’m starting to think they just don’t have competent developers.

You’re welcome for our money.


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Windows 7
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Steps To Reproduce

Run into a building with a door and close it behind you.

Easily reproduced.

Additional Information

Zombies can strike you through the door when you are stuck.

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can you specify exactly which doors you get stuck in? i have done the run-and-hide tactic for quite a few times now and i have never encountered the issue you are having. luckily.

Any standard size doors, both single and double. After running in and closing the door behind you, the door appears to "catch" you and reopening and shutting does nothing. If the zombie is on one side of the door and you on the other (even what appears to be outside of their hit box) they can still strike you. It's basically a death sentence because there is no reasonable way to release yourself. Also you cannot fire at/attack the zombie, because it appears that the game thinks you are on one side of the door and the zombie on the other, but for some reason, you can still be attacked.

I would attempt to reproduce this for you and link a video, but I've deleted this game from my console after this happened about the 10th time. Not worth the time put in just to die that way after 20 hours.