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People have found out a way to duplicate which I think is terrible for the people who play the game right. Putting them at an unfair advantage.


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I also think the same. Actually i begin to start that this game is a fraud. They are a little team, i know, but why dont they hire more people to get the game going? Im sure they made a huge load ofcash since they brought it on consoles, even on pc. They are holding up hopes of players, by constantly adding little bits of junk to the game. Why dont they work on fixed servers first even before adding basebuilding and cars? Ifyou are in full servers, you almost never see people away from thecoast. I stop playing the game until they add fixed to server characters or private servers. It seems they either dont want that or they are unable to do that. Everything they added since first release on console doesnt makeany sense without locked characters. I like the promoted idea of the game. I try to olay it legit. But i give up, its a dumb kids coastal pvp game, duping, glitching, toxic. Its just a rippoff trust me.

jjarvi added a subscriber: jjarvi.May 8 2019, 9:58 AM

dayz is like marmite you either love it or hate it