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Duping Items and server hopping into bases
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Dear BI studio,

Me and my friend just started playing on xbox and DayZ is a fantastic game and a fantastic concept but the possibility to dupe items and server hopping makes the game literally unplayable and not fun.

How to Dupe items:
Drop the stuff that you want to dupe, join a random player with join game in the xbox menu and thats it.
You are finished and you have duped.

This is ruining the server economie of spawning items. For example me and my friend we are playing for 2 weeks now and the only weapons that we have found while looting is the Mosin, SG5-K, BK-133, Skorpion, all the handguns, SK59/66 and M70 tundra.
Also there are a lot of items who are becoming really rare cus probably a lot of players dupe them.
I guess you get my problem about duping now.

Next thing...
While you finally build you base after ours of grinding and chopping trees. Finally a place to stash your loot.
People can just server hop into your base. What does that mean:

You find an enemy base, go to different server, in different server you walk to the location of the base and you place yourself inside of the walls or what you think its the loot room or whatever. Then you login back to the server where you found the base and you are done. You just raided someone without destroying anything.

Quick fix for all of this...

Wipe every server so economy resets and make private hubs. Let the character be stuck in one server and if somebody else want to move servers then need to make another character.
Other possibility is look at for example ARK survival evolved how they figured out there way to move characters in between servers.
They had some problems with that in the start but i think the idea behind it is pretty solid.
Basically you cant bring all your items to another server and server timers (tics or whatever its called) prevent duping items.
I suggest setting a timer on the character as well. Like if you move your character it will be in the new sever for atleast 24 hours or whatever.

I hope this is getting fixed soon and i never took this much time to write a bug report for any game. That means i really like this game and it need to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise another cool survival game goes down the drain.
And i will stop playing.

Hopefully you got something about this report.
Hope to hear about it soon.

Kind Regards



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I did some more research about duping:

You get a bagpack with stuff in your hands, Wait till server registered that the bagpack is in your hands.
Drop the bagpack then quit game and in the 15 seconds that you wait you need to press join game in the xbox menu with a random person who plays DayZ.
When you join the random player you see that you have the bagpack in your hands full with stuff and when you go back to the server you came from the same bagpack is on the ground.

Please check this out. And dont let this ruin the game more.

Thanks in Advance

So Im done. I think this game has a lot of potential but with all the issues and whatever I cant play this game anymore its too frustrated when you die because of lagg issues or whatever. Looting for hours and only finding SG5-K and .45 magazines and ammo.
And also because of the duping issue people arent scared anymore to die. They just respawn go to there base, dig up a backpack full with a new set and go start killing noobs again.

This game really sucks because of all these problems.
I will list them again:

Server hopping into bases
Lagg while shooting full auto or just shooting in general when come up close to somebody.
Lagg in big cities
server economy (duping)

This is what I experienced and found out.

Fix your game and i will be happy to play it again.

Problem is, this player lock has many flaws. PC DayZ had it. The only reasonable way to sort it is private/community servers

Yes... But why dont they add it then. I wanna play this game but its no point doing that right now.

@QuingJing I know and I understand how damn annoying it is. I want them to add it too. My guys are lucky and no one has found our base yet. We don’t dupe either, we hate it