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Car Keys for the cars
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Me and my friend play dayz all day every day we love it so much other than since the last update the game saves have made us lose alot of stuff and the fact that we can no longer find M4s and KAMs anymore. We was just at work brain storming about the game and had a great idea that shouldn't be to hard for you guys to do. Ok here we go what about car keys that you can find like the handcuff keys in random locations that you can lock car doors and hatches with so say I find a set of car keys it's not to lock the car or start the cars but to lock the doors and any car key can lock or unlock any car. That way say someone finds my car they cant open the door or the hood or the hatch to take my stuff out of it unless they have found a set of car keys that would be amazing and not hard to do at all I wouldnt think. I hope you guys like that idea and hope to see it in the game one day thanks for the great game and i hope you guys are able to fix all the bugs and give e us back the KA and M4 soon thanks


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Xbox one x
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That is a great idea in regards to starting the car but in reality, if someone wanted to steal your loot and didn't have a key, couldn't you just break the window IRL and open the doors? But hell yeah, starting the car with keys would be awesome but I'm positive this has already been looked at and didn't pan out.

Also, there are mods that so that you can have keys for cars to lock the doors and start them. It is on PC only though. Maybe one day it will be possible on Xbox.