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Potatos cannot be planted and zucchini seed packs don't open
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WTF? How difficult is it to QC your features before you add them into the game? You add things that you call features and they don't even work. It's like putting a backup camera in a car that is always blacked out. You still have to use your mirrors so why include it at all? You can't even be upset at the negative reviews or bug reports because your company is selling trash, this game runs worse than the ARMA mod and you are charging currency for it? Your company will go bankrupt on your next "game" without a government contract I bet. I can think of many players who wouldn't bother to watch the trailer for your next piece of trash and I for one am boycotting your company for lack of transparency.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Xbox One S
Steps To Reproduce

Try to plant a potato or open a zucchini seed pack.

Additional Information

TRASH! Fire your XBOX dev team and hire real programmers.

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And these are the people who give Xbox owners a bad name.

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look at his account name just give him a ban or somehting like that. Its just a toxic kid. The last time i planted "zucchini seed pack" it worked very well for me

EDIT: But the potatoes doesnt work