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Loot/base hopping.
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Server hoppers are depleting all military loot and bypassing the walls of secure bases to steal loot.

Solution: Create new spawning points throughout the map. Whenever a player changes servers they are started at one of the new spawning points. This would almost entirely stop mili loot depletion as well as players bypassing base wall by hopping. While, rewarding and providing incentive to players playing on the same server.

To date some of my largest grievances are that everytime I go to military bases they are almost always already looted by hoppers. I'm a persistent server player so, I wait till my server is about to reset and wait outside. What do I find for my hard work and patience... nothing.

And given how hard and time consuming base building is only to have all your efforts foiled by a 90 second timer is a bit of a joke.

I fully believe this one little change would make waves for this game as well as the community.

Imagine, now you have to get squaded up to go into airfield after server reset because every other group on your server is thinking the same thing.


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Misterslim triaged this task as Immediate priority.

Agreed. Just had my base raided by server hoppers. Servers should just be locked to character