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Items disapearing from inventory randomly
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Shortly after dying to some zombies in Krasnostav in a building I had returned to gather my items. The whole time my friend had been vigilantly watching my body in the exact same building standing directly over it. Once i had gotten back to my body, with a dry bag which i found along the way, which still had all of my items i began to loot what i could hold as i had just died and thus must of my clothing was ruined so i had far less space. I picked up what i could which included a VSD and my pistol (can't remember the name but it was 9mm) then i ran outside while my friend distracted the zombies and i got on top of a building. While running to the building with my pistol out i had gotten to a small shack that i could get up the ladder off (top protect myself from the zombies that would soon be chasing me as we planned to kill them so we could leave safely. However, right before climbing up the ladder my pistol had disappeared from my hands and thus was gone once i had gotten to the top of the shack. Once on top of the building i removed my suppressor from my VSD and dropped it on the floor, I then continued to shoot the zombies until the area was clear. In which i then went to pick up my suppressor (which had disappeared from the floor as i had never seen it in the first place after dropping it due to a lack of inventory space) it was gone. O well i figured it had fallen through the floor or something, then i went to find my pistol in which i thought i may have accidentally dropped, however, it was also gone. While running a short distance (no farther than 50m away from the position of the shack and my body (which i had cut up with my knife at this point)) my VSD had then disappeared from my hands and was nowhere to be seen. Shortly after losing the VSD while searching for it (hoping it may be on the ground) the pistol had reappeared in my hand and i had then put it into my backpack. The next time i went to retrieve my pistol it was once again gone!

I am truly hoping something can be done about this and that i could be refunded the items (or at the very least the VSD and the scope I had on it which was a PSO-1). I had a game clip with my inventory shortly before i obtained the pistol which gives a general idea of what i had (probably 4ish hours of game time before the event described above).

Note that in the case of both items dropping I am 100% certain that I did NOT hold the X button to drop the weapon to the floor and that IF I did i had searched the area for up to five minutes later in which i did not see either weapon.

Additionally, I can be 100% certain that during the entire time of the listed above events that my body was not interacted with (looted) in any way other than by my friend taking the backpack off my body to hold it in his hands to make sure it didn't despawn and me looting my gear once I had arrived at my body. Due to this, there should be no way that another player could have looted the items that disappeared as I do know that that has been reported as an issue.

Lastly the items that were described as having been disappearing had not been recently obtained as they had been given to me the day prior to these events (in real time 24+ hours)


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Windows 10 x64
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This happened on the most recent patch of DAYZ for XBOX on 4/14/2019 at around 1:30AM Mountain Standard Time

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