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Game freeze/FPS drops
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Hey devs!!!!

Ive been experienceing game freeze for few second and huge amount of FPS drops that have cause deaht.
Once i was talking to a player where i was in a barreks building, the time he opened the door my game game freeze and i had to restart the game in the Xbox menu.

Second time i was encounting another player, the game again freeze, after few seconds my screen goes Black and “ you died”.

3rd time, Well so much lag that the gun fight was like “the one with lucky shot wins”

4th time died again to infected because of freeze when about 4 infected runs at me.

I’m okay with dying in the game if its by my own mistankes, but to died because of the games bug, glitch and performance, Well its pissing me off because u put many hours for nothing.

Hope u fix the game soon and in-sted of implimenting alot of non essentiel stof, u should put ur time and fix performance issue. Please !!!

(Sorry for my english)


Operating System
Windows 7

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yeah that's basically the same with me, but with cars and zombies/shooting... the engine needs to have some updates to how it handles entities and map loading I think