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Latency Spikes
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I have a video showcasing the same issue I've been experiencing since launch. It wasn't an issue until the "full release". The game itself will freeze long enough for my character to be killed. Everytime this happens it's at random but seems to always tag along with the heavy server spikes. Logging out doesn't help nor does restarting the game. At first I thought it was my internet until others had the same experience at separate times in separate locations. Because of this, the game is starting to become unplayable on some fronts so my gaming experience which was very exciting and advantageous has now become a constant feeling of paranoia from dying due to heavy lag spikes. Dying because of legitimate reasons is not a problem. But having to start over because the game decided to have wind or rain is outright outrageous and ridiculous to say the least. Thia issue might want to be looked at with a fine toothed comb if it's not already.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Xbox One S
Game Freezes
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Reproduced at server's choice.

Additional Information

Has made playing the game VERY INFURIATING.
The first time it happened I was stuck dying and restarting for at least an hour due the issue recurring over and over again.

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