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Character Disappearance
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So I hope to god this hasn’t happened to anyone else because it has happened my buddy and I. Myself twice now, but my friends and I were all geared out with military equipment and logged off for the night. The next day when I logged back in to play with my buddies we spawned into the same server we did the other night and I didn’t have the same character as I did the night prior. Now mind you when we logged off we weren’t in any immediate danger of any sort. My character was not killed in any way and I was hoping you could resolve this issue. It really irritates me when my buddies and I are all together geared out and the next day we go to play and I don’t have anything I did once before. Even the character model was different. I didn’t have a single thing. Please please please get this resolved. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through this issue.


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Did you receive a "character data check fail" message while logging in?

No and neither did my buddy