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Lots of lag, left server and character was fresh spawned no death message.
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Was playing with a friend and had been all the way up to the airstrip, I had a lot of gear and the two new rifles fully kitted, on the way back down the map we stopped and I got really bad lag and my character would move very slow, the best option I thought would be to leave and join back see if it helped, instead in deleted my character and put me as a fresh spawn without even a death message.


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Windows 7
Game Freezes

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Has the same problem my friend has the worst I lost a large tent and camo neting plus most likely this same amount of gear as well! Please fix this! And I I’m not allowed to get it back.

Slippy added a subscriber: Slippy.Apr 8 2019, 1:57 AM

Yea man that just SUCKS! 😡
Same thing has happened to me too many times.