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Duplication Glitch
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Players are currently exploiting the "Exit Now" function when leaving a server to duplicate items, and are usually using the stash/base system to stream duplicating loot.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place items one wishes to duplicate into a bag, barrel, or other items that can be taken into hands.
  2. Log out, wait the full 15 seconds. Return to title screen.

3)Relog into server you were in. MUST BE THE SAME SERVER.

  1. Drop duplication item(s) on to ground, log out, but hit exit now.
  2. Rapidly go to a new server.
  3. Now log out out with the item to be duped still on hands, waiting the full 15 seconds again.
  4. Return to the server you dropped the item in.
  5. The item is now in your hands AND on the floor where you dropped it.

This exploit is breaking the game, and allowing people to have a SIGNIFICANT advantage over others.

Additional Information

If the "Exit Now" option is removed, or players are restricted to one player character per server, this glitch can be easily removed.

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LAntoniusL triaged this task as Immediate priority.

Bohemia Interactive, not fixing this issue will significantly hurt what reputation you do have with us console players in the long run. Nobody I have asked that plays this in console believes you care about this, and a number of my friends have left this game because the supers have all the loot and do not have to work for it. Please, fix it.

They just released a counter measure for this in the new update. If you continuously switch servers you will get "locked in database" for up to an hour. Luckily it isn't working right and they are locked indefinitely or until they wipe their character and restart. Unfortunately it isn't working right and people are being locked after resets and crashes.

Additionally, it doesn't always stop people from "duping" just one bag as you are still able to switch servers twice in a short period without being locked. However, this makes it very hard to "dupe" gear for a whole group or to amass a large stockpile in a short period of time.

To say they don't care is just stupid. They clearly do otherwise they wouldn't have employed counter measures. I do believe you have the best solution though, which seems to be simply removing the exit now button.

I think they care. As a longtime fan, and a former PC Player, I have loved this game for years. However, it is a common sentiment among most of the xbox players I've asked that BI doesn't care. I hope they actually consider this as a solution.

xBeat added a subscriber: xBeat.Apr 22 2019, 10:37 AM

This exploit will be fixed at the end of the month