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Ghosting and Combat Logging
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Ghosting and Combat logging are RAMPANT since 1.0 and you are charging full price for this trash!

I honestly can't believe you guys haven't figured out that server locking IS NOT a big deal, and it IS the only way to almost entirely rid this game of severely debilitating cheating.

You have created "base building" and yet you didn't think it would be a good idea to make it POSSIBLE at ALL to actually lock the place up or prevent someone from logging straight into your sniper tower from another server?

People see your towers, then build a tower in another server literally just to load in where you think they can't.

You guys have failed the console community in the most egregious way possible. I literally hate you guys. I wish you didn't exist and that the game was created by a legitimate AAA company. The only company worse than you guys is Bethesda.


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Windows 10
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Log into Server A - see enemies

Log into Server B - travel to behind enemies

Log back into Server A - kill unsuspecting enemies


Log into Server A - kill one player

Leave immediately

Log into Server B - move to a different vantage point

Log back into Server A - Kill another player

Leave immediately

Literally I want to say horrible things to you guys for failing so hard, but I won't say anything worse than I already have. You're horrible at your jobs and I know for a fact that thousands of coders and modders could and HAVE fixed this game in a single fucking day.

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If this isn't addressed you will need to change the name of your company because I will NEVER purchase another Bohemia Interactive game no matter how good it is.