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"Choose Account" does not change user data
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Pressing Y to "Choose Account" on the character screen does not actually load the character data. I have 2 characters, one I play in a group, and the second I play as solo. I should be able to Choose Account to go back and forth. But the only way I can get this to work is to make this Xbox my Home Xbox and actually log out the primary account holder completely. Normally, I should be able to have my primary and mercenary account both signed in to my Xbox (which I need to do to access Xbox live). But even after choosing my mercenary gamer tag, my primary character logs in to DayZ. But when I check the "online" menu to see the list of gamer tags logged in on the server, my mercenary gamer tag is shown on the list. But it's my primary's character that was loaded into the game.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Create a character using gamer tag X. Then log off gamer tag X and log in Gamer Tag Y and create another character. Now log in gamer tag X and try to go back and forth while both Gamer Tags X and Y are logged in to the Xbox.
It has been my experience that you cannot log Character Y into DayZ while Gamer Tag X is still logged in to the Xbox.

Additional Information

The work around I have been using was to make my living room Xbox my home Xbox and this allows me to log out of my primary account and log in to DayZ with only my mercenary account logged in to my Xbox. But this is unacceptable because if I take the home Xbox away from my daughter (she has an xbox in her room), then she cannot play on Xbox live.

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