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M4 Dissapearing
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I was just on US4164 and had placed a barrel. While in the barrel inventory the game froze and kicked me to the dashboard. When I got back in the barrel was stuck open but was only prompting to open to the barrel. Worried it would vanish like all the none glitched ones I have had, I decided to empty the barrel and attempt to pick it up to see if that would fix it. However even empty the barrel still only said open press x. I was gathering everything up, certain to grab the M4, 3 mags, and ammo. I was kicked from the server moments later, database connection timed out error for the next 5 minutes until I got into an empty server, exited now, and got back into 4164 where everything was still there on the ground or in my inventory, EXCEPT the M4, 3 mags, and ammo I just gathered over the last half hour. Stashes And inventory have just been getting buggier, your "fix for y button not picking things up" did nothing because that's still a problem. And then typical sound being crazy out of sync at times... feels like it's moved backwards with the last update.


Operating System
Windows 7
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Xbox One
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Don't know what is causing it to be able to reproduce it.

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