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things that need to be sorted
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i had my fence line down and cut i down a tree that ended on top of the fence line and now i cant build a fence till the tree resets its self.

also i tried building a watch tower and got as far as 4 posts and one wall then it just wouldn't let me do any more after that so i had to destroy it.

also tents are really picky as to where you can put them theres literally one spot where i can put a tent down in my base.

do you think you guys could let us be able to move while looking at whats in our inventory like PUBG

the other day i was moving some stuff around in my inventory and found that when you want to move something you can only go one way if you try going the other it just dosnt do anything.

when moving things from your charater to a barrel it get really laggy the sound starts going wired

i found that its quite hard to get away from these guys if i didnt have guns id be screwed because if you just hide in a building they just end up fighting the zombies and it never seems to end till you do something about it

when you cut i tree down could you make it just disrepair instead of it just laying on the floor

i had an idea for base building do you think you guys could include some sort of underground bunker that we build/dig to make as a base.

dont know if its just me but when im looking through the scope on my gun i cant find a way to stabilise for me to take an accurate shot

also when you have a barrel that has got stuff inside could you guys make it so that we can still move it, really not looking forward to taking everything out just to move the barrel it probably wouldn't be to bad if it didn't lag so much

hope this all helps


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