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M4-A1 Skin
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I just want to alert the developers that an M4-A1 doesn't have a carrying handle, yet in the game it does. That would make it an M16, along with barrel length. It just bothers me.


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The M4A1 can have a detachable carry handle on it. It has picitinny rail on top so you can put anything you want on it. The older M4 which had 3 round burst instead of full auto was issued with an detachable carry handle as standard. And it would not make it an m16. The m16 has a rifle length gas system, A2 stock and a 21 inch barrel vs the M4s carbine length gas system, carbine length buffer tube and a 14.5 inch barrel. The M4 has an effective range of 200-400m and a muzzle velocity of 2800-2950 fps VS the M16s effective range of 400-600m and a muzzle velocity of 3100-3300 fps. Dont even get me started on how the difference in barrel length effects bullet drop, down range energy and how the bullet yaws and fragments in flesh lol.