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Here's 10 great ideas for new features and patches that would really improve DayZ on Xbox
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Here's 10 great ideas for new features and patches that would really improve DayZ on Xbox, I hope the devs take all of these into consideration.

  1. community servers. PC has them and on PC it prevents server hoppers from server hopping into bases, which is still a huge problem on Xbox right now
  1. Fix VOIP on Xbox, it's still buggy when trying to use VOIP while in a party chat and it only works 50% of the time in that case when it should work 100% of the time regardless of being in a party or not
  1. Add a single player mode, PC had one temporarily before it was mysteriously removed for unknown reasons. I loved it on PC because when my friends weren't online then I could just play singleplayer mode since playing an online server alone I feel too shy to use VOIP and just avoid players as a whole (unless i'm with a friend).
  1. Creative mode, this can be bundled with singleplayer. In creative mode you'd play on your own private server either alone or with friends and you can spawn in items, vehicles, zombies, and animals along with the ability to disable any/all simulation stats (hunger, thirst, temperature, blood, health, disease, and stamina) also with the ability to use free camera and noclip for cinematic pictures and videos
  1. Fix persistence ASAP, I had a tent set up and it stayed in the game for a week before despawning with some loot in it.
  1. Add smoother inventory, perhaps add the option in the settings to have a cursor rather than what we use right now. A cursor to navigate inventory could be much faster and less rage inducing than the current system. It takes like 15 minutes just to even manage weapon attachments or to use micromanagement in general without it acting glitchy.
  1. Patch the duplication glitch, like 95% of all DayZ Xbox players are doing this and it disgusts me, it ruins the game for everybody. The game isn't fun if you just have a whole stockpile of ammo that you didn't work for, if you want a game where everything is handed to you then go play something other than DayZ.
  1. Patch the "barefoot bandits", I know this is patched on PC now so we need the Xbox patch. Barefoot bandits is where people run around barefoot because when barefoot you hardly make any footstep noises so you're hard to hear from other players's perspectives.
  1. Add character customization to Xbox, I'm the type of guy who prefers being able to control what my character looks like and i'd prefer that over having a randomized character every time I respawn. And honestly I don't even understand why this wasn't included at launch on Xbox.
  1. Fix tent placement and doing CPR to unconscious players, both of these things are broken in the same way. You can't place a tent if the ground isn't perfectly flat (which wasn't the case back in Alpha on PC where tents worked perfectly fine) and if a player goes unconscious you're not always able to give them CPR for what I assume is the same reason that tents can barely be placed down.


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