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DayZ Xbox Base Deletion - US 3668154
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Three friends and myself spent over 30 hours each building a massive kill house base in a two door warehouse off the coast of Solnichniy. Last night we were playing, and everything was fine in the base ( Roughly 14 hours ago ). However today when I got on everything was despawned, including the posts that we couldn't demolish because we had placed them in a horrible position. The amount of time and stress that went in to building the base will never be forgotten and this is a serious blow to all of us. We had roughly 60 walls placed, a quarter of them having platforms, and a few sea chests with a little loot in them. No barbed wire, no camo netting, It was purely walls with a few stashes ( I believe we actually had two barrels ). This base has been built for almost two days and we had no time to actually enjoy it, which tells me there is no point in building with the exception of reporting bugs. I am not sure if it had anything to do with a server reset as I was offline when It happened. If you have any questions about details, post them up.

Server - US 3668154, Warehouse off the coast of Solnichniy with one man door and one double sliding bay door on the same side facing the water.

Here is a picture of one angle of the base 3/4 complete.


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DCXbox created this task.Feb 8 2019, 8:28 PM

The devs have been saying for months that persistence is broken so build at your own risk. They are working on fixing it.