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Tent camo netting turning invisible bug and ingame solution.
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To begin,I have two tents. One large tent and one car tent both with camo netting attached. I always leave my tent doors closed except for entering and exiting and this is how I noticed the problem.
Whenever the server restarts and I load back in, the first thing I notice is both tent doors will be open and when I close the tent doors the camo netting attached will disappear/ become invisible.
When checking the tent accessories slot the camo be will still be to see and interact with the camo netting. The in game solution is to simply remove the netting to your hand then reinstall it back into the appropriate slot on the tent. The camo netting will reappear on the outside and opening and closing the door will no longer have any effect on the netting, untill the next server restart and it resets.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Install camo netting large tent or car tent.
Close tent doors.
Wait for server restart.
Reload into server.
Tent door will be open.
Close door, net will disappear.
Open door, enter tent.
Remove camo netting to hands.
Reinstall camo netting to tent, netting will reappear externally.
Exit tent.
Opening and closing door will no longer effect camo netting.

Additional Information

Changing server / entering server does not trigger bug.

May have started with Feb 2019 update I am unsure as I only set up a camp a day before the update.

Has not been tested with other player present to see if the camo netting disappears on their screen also.

Untill camo netting is reinstalled as described it will stay invisible.

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