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Xbox bug report/Tweaks February 2019
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  • full Inventory lag
  • certain items have no textures
  • character hair clips through headwear
  • chicken coops/chickens do not yield feathers
  • push to talk double tap no longer works, players have to hold down to speak in game
  • loot spawns should be increased slightly
  • cars/trucks spawns should be slightly increased and should have some parts already in them IE tires, headlights or even an engine
  • combining items should have an animation
  • the visual for blood loss doesn't appear at times
  • radios in radio towers are not implemented
  • button remapping
  • map item is laggy when using it
  • melee weapon hit detection is a bit off
  • massive frame drops in cities


Operating System
Windows 7

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TheSovietTurnip triaged this task as Immediate priority.

Dayz on Xbox is amazing and fun. Been playing since standalone on PC. Please look at the list as I feel it could increase its fun factor. Thank you bohemia interactive for your hard work and dedication.

Forgot to put -chicken coops do not have a interaction prompt

  • day/night/rain cycles are broken as night rarely comes and rain is none existent

Recently I was also having the issue where party chat blocks out proximity chat in game like it used to when DayZ Xbox launched on August 29th 2018, I can hear other people talk but they can't hear me despite having the push to talk button held down.

I made a whole post about it on here earlier.