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Quick slots cause game crash
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In conjunction with microsoft's elite controller the quick slots are causing the game to crash. When you programmed the quick slots you did not take into account that we can select a direction with the right stick and at the same time press the A button. Those with an elite can move the right stick and simultaneously press the A button because we have the paddles. This is causing the game to crash 90% of the time.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. hold right on the d-pad
  2. hold a specific direction on the right stick (eg 9 o' clock)

AND simultaneously

  1. press A button (using the paddles)
  2. game crashes
Additional Information

Either take into account that there are many players who are using microsoft's elite controller (official product by microsoft), so make it so the game allows to hold the right stick in one direction and at the same time press the A button.


Make it so that the quick slot works with a different button combination. eg:

  1. hold right on d-pad to bring up the menu wheel
  2. move right stick and hold it in desired position (eg. 12 o' clock)
  3. release right on d-pad

This way, we eliminate the use of having to press an additional button. It should be faster.


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