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Built my base on saturday through tuesday, despawned everything within a 2 hour loot run. Lost 2 daz players over this.
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We built two bases on two different servers. When i was nearly finished building the second base, i needed to go find wire to build the gate . All of us went looking for wire at once , when we returned with the wire everything was despawed. We worked on the walls and watchtowers for 4 dayz sat sun mon tue. Our previous base was being attacked, so we transfered all of our stuff to new base. We were stacked. 9 car tents, 5 mil tents generator lights and a fortified barrier with two watchtowers . We crafted 6 full guillie suit sets , had 11 m4s, 7 kams, 3 extra vsd, three tents of ammo, one tent of mags , and tons of supplies food and water....we werent even finished the gate yet. Took us two hours to find a wire and two hours to loose a month and a half of work. Now with that being said, Is not my main issue. My main issue is that both of my generals are done with dayz never to come back. They have both uninstalled the game from xbox. I still love the game as i expected not to get attached to my gear, however i was really attached to my players who will be unreplaceable. smh.


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The base location was between devils castle and the north side of the airfield , my original base is still there you can visit on server ......491 you cant miss it, its huge. It is empy because we moved to server .....440. And lost everything in 440. Including our barrels generator tents and all loot. Im probably going to play still but the game definately has lots of issues. this particular one is in my opinion, the most important issue at hand,nevermind being thrown 100 meters in the air when you swing an axe at zombies near your car, or when your car glitches from gorka to berenzino with a random player appearing right next to the car all within 5 seconds. Ididnt mind when the game glitched th car to crash , about 3 minutes into my first car ride . I can spend another three days collecting these car parts for that awesome three minuite drive next christmas because i need to work in real life and will not have that much extra time on my hands.