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Player respawns & independent servers
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So I've put quite a bit of time into DayZ and I personally love the game. But there's alot of little quirks and issues with it as well. So I've compiled a little list on how , why, and what I believe would improve DayZ immensely and make it a much better.

  1. INDEPENDENT SERVERS- I can't stress this one enough. Server hopping isn't my issue as much as the way people base raid with it. Because of how we spawn in servers we can freely and easily loot, run from combat, find combat, grief, and so much more. And while I hop into different servers for loot I can't bring myself to raid that way. And you build a 6 tent walled in structure all you want but with server hopping you can clear those tents in MINUTES and bring your loot to a different server to go through it and it's been done to me multiple times, I've even found my stuff in other servers . I just think if we had servers set up so that my character in 4208 is 110% different than 4212, bases would become more relevant & easier to protect ( forces players to break barriers and actually attack a base ). And alot of you might say, well what about items? That's the tricky part. I've discussed this with a few people and I think we would have to do 2 things. • increase loot spawns - you know where things spawn after you run the same house 100+ times. Bed, table, fridge,on floors, ( 3 items max in garages ) etc . We would need to add MORE to that. And that could be done a few different ways. Bohemia could utilize the apartment buildings since there usually empty from my experience. Add more towns and other structures, or add more spawns to their existing structures. And then you would have to increase spawn rate. Increasing the spawn rate slightly and adding loot spawns you could counter the lack of loot by making servers indepent and character specific. •add more loot- DayZ already does a fantastic job with the sheer amount of variety and things you can do. Adding recipes for building and cooking alone with new items for each. New weapons. Shotguns, ARs, SMGs, snipers, etc. Attachments would add to pile nicely as well. There's so much you could add into DayZ. I once saw a welding torch and airfield and I've never seen one again and I imagined ALL of the possibilities I could've done with that and tbh I still have no idea what it's for.
    1. 1 TIME CHARACTER RESPAWNS- Imagine this. You live near tisy. Build a little camp , get yourself all situated, and then think to yourself " I'm gonna hit up tisy military" so you run down, loot around, BANG.. headshot. Ok... So you spawn in. Cool, electro. I can make this work. Loot up, and start working your way North. Looting up on the way as you go knowing what you need for your base. 1.5-2 hours later.. your about 10 minutes from your base. You walk into a house as you became hungry. Upon entering you see movement. BANG.. shotgun slug. And where are we? Back at electro. And at that point no longer motivated to play DayZ, dismayed you wasted 2 hours to die to some dude in a corner. That 2nd walk back to base... That's the walk of shame. Your not happy. But... What if we added character spawns? Nothing like beds where you could build and continuously respawn at. But sleeping bags. Craft it with burlap sacks/strips (using a sewing kit) and maybe even animal hide. But it's ONE bag per character & gives you ONE respawn and then becomes ruined. And even having a timer of 1-2 hours before you place another could eliminate possible abuse of them. BUT, here's the thing. To spawn at a sleeping back should have a load time of 5-10 minutes but only if you click respawn immediately after death. If you shut the Xbox off for an hour to cool off then an immediate load in at your bag should be ok. Because say you and 3 friends have a base. It's attacked. And you all die. Spawning in immediately becomes a kill all on the spawners. You gotta give the people attacking a chance to loot and even destroy your sleeping bags ( assuming you were smart enough not to place them somewhere obvious ) which is fair. Having your base raided sucks, and it will happen, but that sleeping bag makes a world of difference to be able to spawn nearby your base and grab what's left or even your own stuff from your body and try again.

3)DUPING- This has become an immense issue and needs to be addressed asap.ive come across 50 seachests in PILES loaded with nails, planks,guns,ammo, food, anything you can think of. Looting is part of the game and people who dupe don't have anything to do other than just PVP people. And not just people. They LOVEEEEE to roam the coast for fresh spawns and just kill or even mess with them for fun. And while that'll still happen regardless I believe I might have a way to cancel duping. Ok so when you log out you can wait 15 seconds or quit immediately. That needs to go. It should force you to sit for 15 seconds then leave server. Duping happens when their able to drop the item from their hand to the ground and back out immediately. It's easy. But only after 6 secs of being spawned in can they do that. So by making them wait 15 seconds it won't be possible to duplicate items anymore!!

4)CARS- Idek where to begin on this one. I've lost several cars because of server boots in this game. I won't even build one anymore. It's impossible to drive through cities. The game literally freaks out and can't figure out how something that fast is moving and just can't keep up with game so it crashes or glitches you off the road into a river or a pole destroying hoursssss of work. This map is HUGE. And crossing it for the first time in a car blew my mind. It took 15 minutes to go from tisy to berezino. That's a 2+ hour walk easy depending on how much you loot along the way. 1.5 if you run straight there maybe. Cars need to be fixed and spawn more regularly in their locations . I rarely find cars and if the servers ever became independent you would need to increase their spawn rate and even maybe even spawn locations.

 But thats all I have. I'd love to know I'm not the only one who feels that these ideas would be excellent for DayZ. I want to see DayZ grow and be the best it can be in everyway. This game is coming along amazingly and I'm excited to see what else DayZ brings us in the future. Maybe someday we'll even have some DLC


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