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Game crashed
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Game crashed as me and and two friends were moving up the stairs into the airport radio tower. There probably were other players there since, there were gun shots around and the door apparently was locked on the top floor. After the game crashed i tried to go back in but the game freezes on the black DayZ loading screen. I went to the home screen and quit the game and restarted it and would freezes on the same black screen then kick me out of the game back to the xbox home screen. I tried repeatedly. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it twice same thing occurred the first re install and on the second time, it still freezes but sometimes goes a little father into the game were i can see my character or the servers available then freezes. I tried having my friends send me game invites and freezes on the same black screen.
Occurred after the last update today is 1/16/2019


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Startup

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