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Server hoping
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In my and a few others opinions , we feel you should make it to were people can not server hop. Few reasons ... 1.) it makes base building pointless, when someone can just ghost into your base. 2.) makes it to easy for people to get car parts . Just jump server to server in an area with car spawn and gurages. 3.) to easy to gear up in military bases. 4.) to easy to hunt other players, just got to a popular spot and server hop until you see ppl in the spot. There are few other reasons but if you could look into this I would appreciate it.

I feel that there is 2 ways that it should be handled , that is to either only be able to be on one server so when you start on a server you have to build up and if you decide you want to be on new server then you start over... or allow to have a few different characters on a few different servers. I’d be pleased to hear what you think of my ideas.


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