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Door ways. Y button. COMMUNITY
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Still getting caught in door ways. Gets me killed often.
Y button is still playing up have to double or triple tap it on vicinity side.

The community has completely ruined this game. I played for 6 hours today and got killed by the same group of people on 3 different servers as they server hoped solnichniy and staryoe tents a barracks'.. as a fresh spawn even on a low pop server I couldn't get away from the coast as players tend to treat this game on console as a battle royal game. This has absolutely put me and many others off the game. Battle eye really needs to be added to stem the server hoping and there needs to be some counter action against the horrible economy because of server hopping.. to many players are playing the game in this way that it's actually a joke they will server hope coastal military spawn poi ts and then kill any and every player on site to ge "kill counts" going and brag about how many kills they got online.. this is the number 1 issue with this game at the moment it's to easy for bad players to get good loot and spend their entire game time on the coast killing everything that moves.. I played for 6 hours today. I'm still on the coast. I'm still a fresh spawn. Community has ruined the game.


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It's actually going to cause the inevitable flop of console dayz. I love this game on PC. On xbox it is horrible and really tarnished the dayz name. Things need to change quick because your console community is all about killing and looting like its pubg. You know because they heard pubg dev's use to work on dayz they play it the same regardless of the concept or gameplay. For a game that relies on human interaction and to play it and get no human Interactions apart from being shot dead on the spot for your flares and rags really is shit. Party chat plagues this to. You need to force players into playing it more interactively before myself and many hardcore fans walk away and let the community ruin a great game.

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