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A few bugs I’ve discovered while playing Day Z on Xbox One
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I’m happy Day Z is coming to Xbox; can’t wait to see how much it will improve on the next update (whenever that will be)
First things first, my misc. wheel has stopped working. I click left on the D-pad and use the right stick to move the cursor on the ‘misc.’ section but it won’t open at all. This should be fixed ASAP.
I’m not sure how Day Z plays on PC because I’ve only played it on Xbox, but DOORS ARE SO ANNOYING. Why? Dear god, why do you make basically all doors ‘pull’ open? It would be so much easier if the doors opened inwards like a ‘push’ door instead of me having to dodge the opening door and getting caught inbetween the stupid wall and door. Then my player is thrown outside of the house like none of that happened. Garbage. Please change this! I’m so tired of having to slow down for an opening door when I’m trying to enter a house.
9v batteries will never be equipped in the tool I want it to be equipped in. I could carry a radio and 2 flashlights. If I want that battery in the radio, it doesn’t matter if I have the radio in my hands, the 9v battery decides where it wants to go and it will NEVER go where I want it to go. So, I have to drop everything that could hold the 9v battery except the tool I want the battery in, equip the battery, then pick up my dropped items. Very tedious.
The inventory was very confusing, however, I’ve gotten more familiar with it. Usually, I use the D-pad to maneuver around an inventory in any game, but Day Z has me using the triggers and bumpers to switch slots and then the sticks to move through items. So. Much. Work. For what? To equip a pear or something. Please make the inventory as simple as possible. For the amount of times you need to move through the inventory (including while in combat) it shouldn’t be as challenging.
Speaking of inventory— ammo! If you split your ammo and you don’t have a magazine to load and empty, you will be unable to combine them.. Which means you will have a bunch of single bullets taking up extra space in your inventory when it could be a whole stack of all the same type of bullets taking up one space in the inventory. Make a combine button for bullets of the same type or something because the only other way to stack up your bullets after splitting them is to load them in a magazine and empty the mag.
That’s about all the bugs and problems that have been troubling me except for lag of course but the game is currently in early access and that will most certainly be fixed when all is said and done.
I know this game is supposed to be a hardcore survival game, but more guns and loot would be amazing. Obviously, don’t change the map but maybe in the future Day Z could add a second smaller map or maybe the ability to host private or public servers on console. Hopefully, that would be cool.
Feedback rant complete. You’re welcome!


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Windows 10
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Windows 10 but not really Windows 10 and Xbox One instead.
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