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Hit Registration in third person against zombies.
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When firing in third person with a gun at a zombies (especialy aggro zombies) most of the shot hit detection is horrible. I was in a firefight in NW Airfield. I had picked up aggro and ran into a building followed by a few zombies (I believe it was a police station type building). I ran upstairs and my aggro followed me. As a picked up my sg to fire (I was in third at this point) I can assure you I fired the rest of my clip on target with only a few bullets hitting (I can tell because of the blood effects when you get a hit. Is not the biggest problem in the world. But for people who use third person allot it's a bummer. Going in first person and aiming down sights seems to make it way better. I am also going to note that every since our last biggest update the frame rate was down right horrible horrible during this gunfight.


Operating System
Windows 7
AI Aiming / Shooting
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Going into big city's where I get the same amount of bad frame rate. Gather aggro with a gun. Shooting aggro in first person then switch to third to see the difference.

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