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DISSAPPEARING Tents !!! Annoying all my loot is gone
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Placed tents added my loot restarted my game A day later on the same server and all my shit is gone I want it back!!!!???


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Can I get my items and tents back. Kinda makes me not want to bother with the game. I know my stuff wast stole. There was far too much of it!!

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Dude me too! Had a regular tent, car tent and tons of buried bags on server 4140....took us a week to loot up then logged in today and bam all gone!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! I'm not going to waste my time preparing to fuck shit up and get a car going and the same day I have all the car parts everything is gone!!!!!! Guns ammo food like everything just vanished! I want retribution of some sort cause wasting my time is bullshit.

Same to my in sv 375. All my items and barrells gone this night.

I can honestly agree with you. I got on and two of my tents were gone out of the three. It’s either someone found BOTH tents, or whatever they did made my tents and everything in them disappear.