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Xbox duplication glitch
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Players have been duplicating items since launch of the game preview I’m tired of getting killed by the military bases to spawn in on the coast and die to toxic players duplicating full ghilles and all the ammo they could want and guns for them if they die they will just have it all again because they use the new bases to store all there duplicated loot.Please fix this glitch to give everyone a fair game they can learn. This glitch promotes people to stop playing and to not get geared on there own by themselves like it was intended.


Operating System
Windows 7
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Steps To Reproduce

You do the glitch by logging out and as your waiting your 15 seconds you can press B and the countdown will still continue and you can move. Once they are in this state they drop all of there clothes and they quickly join back and there loot will be on the floor and they will still have it on there character.

Additional Information

Players will duplicating full character loot clothes ammo full ghilles car parts food water hard guns such as M4s AKs SVDs all with full scopes ammo ghille gun raps to go with there full ghille they duplicated and after these players do this they will go to the coast and kill fresh spawns I have been in multiple servers where there are land mines at every single door in electro and kamyshovo and other coastal cities

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Please fix this issue

They will. Its only a game preview ATM