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Gun automatically shoots when you aim down site/Cars kill you when you step in them/Cant change firing mode/Climbing underneath walls glitchy/Ladders/etc.
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So I've been playing for about two to three weeks now and already noticed a good amount of problems with the game. For one recently whenever I pull out my gun/fists/or weapons and press LT it'll either automatically punch/hit/ or spray my entire magazine into the spot I'm looking without even pressing RT. For the car situation, I finally found a car far north up in the map and this is like about two days worth of playing with one character I went to go sit in a car to see how it works and once I pressed X I was instantly red screened and when I made it back to the car site after about 2 hours of running The car was glitched into the ground and so was my person. For the ladders, they're super buggy and the game doesn't even allow you to slide down ladders anymore and I was climbing up a radio tower and my guy decided to step of the ladder and walk to the hole and fall to the ground. And in the game you still cant change your fire mode in the Xbox version and you took of the Icon to show whether the gun is in semi automatic or fully so when I try to do the bugged firing mode switch I have no way of telling what mode its in. and climbing underneath walls Is extremely buggy at this moment every time I try bug out and cant climb out from underneath the walls I have to leave the sever and join a different one to push me out. And I also have clips of all these on my xbox profile


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