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Gun won’t load bullets into chamber
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Was using my M4-A1 but did not have a mag so I combined it and shot some zombies but when i did find a mag i loaded the mag full of 5.56 bullets the same ones used when combined to the M4-A1 and they worked but when i put the mag into my M4-A1 the bullets would not go into the chamber just keeps say 0/30 in the bottom left corner when using the M4-A1


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce

Only in the KM and M4
Step 1- fire gun a couple of times with or without mag
Step 2- reload mag when some bullets still in
Step 3- Combine mag to gun
Step 4- Try to shoot but gun won’t load bullet into chamber

Additional Information

Have only had this happen with the KM and M4 hasn’t happened to me with the pistols yet. Could possibly be because it’s getting jammed but don’t know how to unjam a gun on the Xbox one

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Theres no way to unjam guns on xbox yet.