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Crash Bugs So Far
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Hello folks,

So i’ve been playing for a long time with friend and here the bugs we got so far (0.63.149931)

  • Cars

We are aware of glitch driving at high speed. (We smashed a three at 125 after a frozen screen).
Most of the time, out of big cities, we drive at first gear around 30-40, it’s reasonable and not to laggy. But as soon we get in a city, it’s hell. The screen freeze, the sounds stop, all the building is loading.
The problem is here. Even if we put the brakes and don’t touch the wheel the car look like it’s taking more speed and put the wheel in a direction or another ;automaticaly crashing the car in a building or anything. Then the car disapear after a minute with all the stuff. We still see the smoke from the engine.

Some time a car frame is a little bit in the ground. Like you see the brakes in the dirt. You can put all the parts it need. The wheels are merge with the dirt. As soon as i got in the car, i died instantly, my friend saw the car exploded and my body was smashed by the car. The funny part here is that all my loot wasn’t lootable and after 20min we saw a pile of loot side of the road miles away from my death body. It was all my stuff like the game new wtf happened and move it near me lol.

Zombies/characters are propulsed in the air when touching a started car.

We can’t put the fuel, oil or water at the same time.

I don’t know if it’s normal, if you shoot in a car windows, the tire can break.

  • Inventory

When you have multiple barrels in the same spot. The game crash when you press select and change slot. It happens if you have many item in them, seems like it crash after the items and image are load.

Why does my knife can’t return in my boot slot when i take something else?

  • General

Zombie are sometime teleporting to you when they are stuck or don’t jump the fence.

When you are suiciding, isn’t more obvious to press the trigger instead of bumper?

Scopes get blurry, you need to spam the up/down arrow to remove the blur.

We didn’t tried the base building because it’s a bit complicated at this stage.

That’s it so far,

I can’t wait to see what the 1.0 release will look like, in the meanwhile we will continue to play around, find bugs and die for no reason. (It’s the funniest part)


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox one
Steps To Reproduce

Open the game

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