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Character wipes
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I have been playing dayz on xbox since day one and never had a problem like this. Two days in a row my character has been reset for no reason. I put days into one character and then I log in the next day and I'm a fresh response at the coast. So I get geared back up and work my way all the way from electro to tisy and log out for the night. Log back in the next day and I'm back at the coast. I don't know what's going on but this needs to be fixed soon or I'm just done with the game. It makes the game zero fun and just a waste of time.


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Windows 7
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Xbox one
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No idea what's going on

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The problem about this game is it took me more then 3 fucking hours to find my friend on the xbox and then I fucking die from not drinking water running across the map just to find a friend. First update the stamina. Second add a way to meet up with friends. I’m a beginner in this game so how the fuck would I know what to do and how to find friends. There should be a way to spawn on bedrolls and looting in this game is ass please fucking fix your game.

Welcome to DayZ, friend. She is a harsh and unforgiving bitch at times. But stick with it, learn the map and game because it isnt going to get easier. Its hardcore and brutal. Its not going to change.

www. is a great place to find what you need and to learn the lay of the land.

Also you can find IZurvive in the app store.