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Cannot join servers
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So again this problem has come up after like 2 months. I can join just about any server and play a while, if I leave or more often when the game crashes, I can no longer get back into any server. While on the server list, if you select one the back drop flashes like it wants to take you to queue but there is a very brief pause and nothing happens. Sometimes it's fine in 30 minutes, other times it takes longer. But again I have 2 friends that play with me, one of my friends and I can get into servers, but not the same one. We tried hard resets, quitting and restarting the game, join and invite... why is it preventing us from being able to play together?


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox one
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Have not noticed any sure fire way to cause it, but losing connection to the host/getting kicked for any reason seems to set it in motion when you try to log back in. However it happened just now because I logged out and came back 10 minutes later.

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Can't find the bugs and report em if I can't even get in the game.

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Haven't been able to join a server from 12:10am to 1:16am EST. Tried every server possible except Asia

Out of 5 hours time trying to play today, have been able to be in game for maybe 2 hours.

12:10am to 1:48am... still unable to join servers. Hard reset does nothing. Even did a complete reinstall yesterday with no results.

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